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  • Great workouts that can be done by anyone from beginner to advanced. Lots of support & advice. Workouts vary in order to exercise core, legs, upper body etc. I really enjoy doing Kathy's routines!
    Debby Pajot
  • Prior to starting the Challenge I had been in a 1 year slump and was struggling to make working out part of my routine again. This challenge gave me exactly the kickstart I needed! It was great to have a different workout sent every day and to have the support of Kathy and the others doing the challenge. After two weeks, I already have so much more energy and feel mentally so much better. I am starting to feel like my old self again.
    Jill Kirchman
  • I'm looking forward to getting started on this new program. I've been with Kathy Judson and her group for just over a year now. Down 30 lbs, blood pressure down to 115/67 from 140/80, I actually run up and down stairs for my warm-up. I started with just body weight and with Kathy's encouragement I'm doing squats with 20 lbs and attempting pull-ups. It's a pressure free, judgement free zone with support from others who've been there.
    Sharon Kawai
  • Awesome intense workouts. I love the variety of workouts, information, recipes provided and support group to keep you motivated. Would highly recommend!
    Stacy Wetherup
  • After having my second child I had a hard time rediscovering my balance in life. I couldn't get motivated to fit exercise back into my daily routine. Kathy's challenge was just what I needed to gently push me into working out again. After only 10 days of the program I already felt stronger and much more energized! I'm looking forward to continuing these fun workouts long after the challenge is done. Thank you, Kathy!
    Beth Morris
  • Amazing program ..lots of support..great ideas and amazing people.
    Amy Hardaker