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No matter where you train, Sweatbank gives you fresh new workouts to do at your own level of fitness when and where is best for you! We MOTIVATE with reward levels for the Sweat you accumulate. We EDUCATE with over 365 short videos where you watch the video, then execute at your pace. We SUPPORT with our amazing ever-growing community of women on our private Facebook group.


Meet a few of our amazing women!

  • Jill Kirchman
    Prior to starting the Challenge I had been in a 1 year slump and was struggling to make working out part of my routine again. This challenge gave me exactly the kickstart I needed! It was great to have a different workout sent every day and to have the support of Kathy and the others doing the challenge. After two weeks, I already have so much more energy and feel mentally so much better. I am starting to feel like my old self again.
    Jill Kirchman
  • Stacy Wetherup
    Awesome intense workouts. I love the variety of workouts, information, recipes provided and support group to keep you motivated. Would highly recommend!
    Stacy Wetherup
  • Cassidy Kormant
    I have 3 kids, a four year old son, 2 year old son, and one year old daughter. After lending my body to my three babies for the past 5 years or so, I was very excited to have my body back and determined to get back into shape. I started working out when my daughter was about 5 months old, doing at home work out videos. I lost a lot of my excess weight but had hit a bit of a plateau in strength and toning. That’s when a friend introduced me to SweatBank, and I thought it was worth a shot. I have lost inches, toned muscles, and become stronger than even before having children. I continue to feel motivated because I can see the benefits I am getting from participating in this workout group. I do this to help keep up with my three young kids and to take some time to focus on myself a few times a week so that I feel fulfilled and energized to be the best mom that I can be.”
    Cassidy Kormant
  • Beth Morris
    After having my second child I had a hard time rediscovering my balance in life. I couldn't get motivated to fit exercise back into my daily routine. Kathy's challenge was just what I needed to gently push me into working out again. After only 10 days of the program I already felt stronger and much more energized! I'm looking forward to continuing these fun workouts long after the challenge is done. Thank you, Kathy!
    Beth Morris
  • Sharon Kawai
    I'm looking forward to getting started on this new program. I've been with Kathy Judson and her group for just over a year now. Down 30 lbs, blood pressure down to 115/67 from 140/80, I actually run up and down stairs for my warm-up. I started with just body weight and with Kathy's encouragement I'm doing squats with 20 lbs and attempting pull-ups. It's a pressure free, judgement free zone with support from others who've been there.
    Sharon Kawai
  • Amazing program ..lots of support..great ideas and amazing people
    Amy Hardaker
  • Enrica Boucher
    I did not use to be very active as a teenager but I discovered I loved it throughout my years working in theater as an actress and guiding biking trips! I used to be in great shape while working in a contemporary dance company as well. Then I moved on to have a family and work in an office – and I lost touch with exercising and being fit, which affected my mood and self-esteem to be completely honest. This program has been my saviour and anchor for the past 2 and a half months because exercice is now back in my routine, and I feel I’m missing out when too many days go by without working out. I feel back to my old self which is the greatest feeling so far! I’m much more positive, relaxed and the energy I get from it is great! I am so thankful to be part of this now.
    Enrica Boucher
  • Donna Rivard
    I am 52 years young, married to my wonderful husband Keith, with our blended family including 5 beautiful adult daughters and 6 grandchildren. I have been avid gym goer for over 20 years, running and doing resistance training. Two years ago my body and mind changed with a full hysterectomy. I was not sleeping, moody, no motivation and gained some weight. I was not working out like I had been in the past then I joined SweatBank, getting daily workouts, joining a community of ladies that support each other, has gained my confidence back, and Keith comments about how hard I have been working out and how much stronger I am, so thank you Kathy for introducing this platform!
    Donna Rivard